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 Charlie Happylife, from Stamford, CT, plays a mix of Original Love songs and Instrumental music. Charlie grew up as a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix, Yes (Steve Howe) Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and King Crimson. Charlie is a veteran of many local Top 40 Cover bands, as well as 4 years in a Reggae band. "I was inspired by these guitarists plus many other Pop acts I heard on the AM radio as a kid, but I always tried not to sound like anybody else."
Charlie is a fan of ALL Music, just tell him what key the song is in start jamming and let the magic happen.
All the songs on this site are Original except "Roses," which is a song by Tommy Sands arranged by Charlie Happylife with lyrics about a US National Guardsman that is called to duty in Iraq. A couple of videos on Youtube that get me excited ar Yes Live at the Beat Club playing Yours is No Disgrace and Miles Davis playing a 10 minute version of Jean Pierre.
My daughter once said - A Smiley face is so, so cool! Peace, Love and Happylife! - Brothers and Sisters. 

Peace, Love


and Happylife



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